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Partwell Ltd

Sure-Slip Silicone Lubricant Spray

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Sure-Slip is a high performance silicone lubricant contained in an aerosol spray that offers a considerable reduction in friction, when applied to a multitude of surfaces. By the use of modern technology materials, the overall effect of the lubricant is substantially increased both in the short and the long term.

Examples of some of the uses for Sure-Slip are as follows:

  • Used with Sure-Clean to ensure long term platen/forme care by stopping rust and tarnish build up on cutting/creasing rules.
  • A sparse application to the cutting forme prior to using creasing matrix allows an easier fit of the locator to the creasing rule and a positive registration on transfer impression.
  • Ejection rubber performance can be improved by an application of Sure-Slip.
  • Replaceable cutting anvil, manufactured from non-ferrous alloy for longer blade life and features a self levelling design for greater accuracy.
  • Wherever a reduction in friction is required.

Can Size: 400ml.

Minimum order quantity: 12 cans.

Packed Dimensions & Weight: 200mm height 70mm diameter 350g