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Speedi~Folds is designed to be used on corrugated board to easily fold the outer corrugated box board instead of using a crease rule. It perfectly complements the Speedi~Tear perforating system, providing substantial improvements to the box production process by assisting folding, whilst protecting “Tear out perforating lines” which often burst in production. It works by reducing the destructive effect of strong and difficult to fold box flaps. It has the ability of the folding flap to hinge ‘bi-directionally’ without cracking either of the fluted liners, maintaining flap strength and integrity even after several folding movements, making it even easier for box contents to be added without damage. 


 Flat Bed:

Thickness Heights Bevels Pack
2pt & 3pt 23.30, 23.80 CF Lengths (1M)


Thickness Heights Bevels Pack
23.80, 24.60 & 25.15
CF Lengths (1M)
   Flatbed Application Chart 
   Rotary Application Chart