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The Prago Therm is a thermoplastic counter die material in the form of a foil. It provides relief to hot foil embossing in a single operation, it is for horizontal and vertical operating embossing machines and can be used in flatbed to flatbed applications. Its is a quick and hassle free creation of counter die by single operation relief hot foil embossing.

In the course of short-term contact with the metal embossing die heated in the machine to a temperature of 130˚C, the foil is welded to the PERTINAX base plate and shaped to form a counter die according to the metal embossing die. It also creates counter dies deeper than 0.25 and several foils are superimposed. In the course of their contact with the heated metal die the foils are welded together and to the Pertinax base plate. It is therefor ensured that the entire depth of the metal embossing die will be completely filled out. 


Instructions for the use of PRAGO therm:

Position and fix the metal die in the press. Heat the machine to approx 130˚C.

BASEPLATE - Pertinax Cut a suitable size piece and roughen well using emery paper. The baseplate is 0.5mm thick. When embossing is carried out on a press plate, a piece of cardboard of 0.5mm thickness should be placed under the baseplate to compensate for the normal packing height of 1mm.

Fix the baseplate on all sides to the press surface using cellotape.

Pres the foil to be embossed against the baseplate. All contours of the metal die must be clearly visible. If necessary, adjust under the baseplate/

Separating Compound Only when the contours are close together apply separating compound sparingly onto the baseplate with your fingers and leave to dry.


  1. Place an appropriate piece of PRAGO therm foil over the pressed contours on the baseplate and fix them with a piece of cellotape.
  2. Place a piece of the foil to be embossed on top of the PRAGO therm foil and fix.


  1. Close the press slowly (manually, if possible) and keep under pressure for 3/4 to 2 minutes.
  2. Open the press slowly. Remove excess material from the baseplate and from the metal die, if necessary.
  3. Place a new piece of the foil to be embossed over the finished counter die and possibly a piece of paper (approx 100g) on top. Fix both with cellotape.

Set temperature and pressure. The embossing process can now begin. 

Note when using 0.25mm thick PRAGO therm: if the contours of the metal die are deeper than 2.5mm, place two or more pieces of PRAGO foil on top of the other.