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The Prago Plast is an elastic counter die material which is supplied in the form of plates. It is for blind embossing of paper which ranges between 50 – 180g in weight. It can be used in press platens and cylinder printing machines, as well as automatic stamping and embossing machines.

It eliminates time consuming preparatory work and cutting procedures. As well as this it stabilizes and protects counter die, allowing for positional corrections without having to manufacture a new counter die. It is highly wear resistant and remains unchanged even after a large amount of embossing. To compliment this sensibly you can use the PRAGO film which is a self-adhesive transparent foil which is stuck over the finished counter die.

Additional information

Instructions for the use of PRAGO plast combi:

  1. Cut off a piece of PRAGO plast and remove the protective backing paper.
  2. Stick PRAGO plast to the tympan or jacket.
  3. Close the machine a few times under light pressure until the contours to be embossed become visible.
  4. Trim the PRAGO plast closely around and remove any excess material.
  5. It is recommended to stick a piece of PRAGO film over the PRAGO plast.
  6. Increase pressure until the contours to be embossed are adequate. Do not apply too much pressure as this may displace the die