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This Prago Paste is suitable for blind embossing cardboards which range between 200 – 500g in weight, where large metal embossing dies are required or multiple purposes are to be achieved simultaneously. It is a convenient ready made paste which you simple spread on a cardboard opposite to the metal embossing die, positioned in the machine covered with a paper weighing 80g.

After several closings of the machine the paste is brought into the positive form corresponding to the metal embossing die. The hardening process is completed in around 30 minutes therefor allowing careful preparation of the various counter dies before the hardening process of the paste begins. The paste also remains unchanged after a large amount of embossing and it is highly wear resistant. Available in 700g tins.

Additional information

Instructions for the use of PRAGO paste 512:

  1. Bring the metal die in position.
  2. Stick a piece of wood-free cardboard (200 – 250g) in an appropriate size onto the die cutting plate and press the outlines of the metal die against the cardboard (by means of carbon paper or colour spots). When the outlines of the die become visible, the printing strength is correct.
  3. Apply PRAGO paste 512 onto the cardboard (the paste will become easier to spread when the tin is heated in warm water).
  4. Lay a piece of paper (60-80gsm) over the paste and operate the machine a few minutes under pressure. It is recommended to powder the covering paper with magnesia.
  5. Following the hardening of the counter die, remove the excess material from around the edges.
  6. Set the printing strength required. The embossing process can now begin.