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PRAGO Hart is suitable for blind embossing of cardboards ranging between 200g and 500g in weight, for small single metal dies. PRAGO Hart is a two-component counter-die material consisting of powder and hardening liquid. Both components are mixed in the quantity required.

The resulting paste is spread on a cardboard opposite the metal embossing die positioned in the machine and covered with a paper of 80g weight. During the slow run of the machine the paste is shaped in the positive form of the metal embossing die.

During the hardening process which takes about 15 minutes, a highly resistant counter die "as hard as nails" is produced. Remains unchanged after a large number of embossing’s and is highly wear resistant. PRAGO Hart is only available in one pack size, this pack is sufficient for a die area of approximately 10,000mm². Available to order. 

Additional information

Instructions for the use of PRAGO hart:

  1. Position the metal embossing die, stick a piece of wood-free cardboard (200 – 250gsm) on the tympan or the die cutting plate (jacket).
  2. Press the metal die onto the cardboard using carbon paper. When the outlines of the die are visible, the printing strength is correct.
  3. When embossing in automatic press platen machines: stick a piece of pasteboard (approx 2mm thick) onto the plate. The allows the gripper to be lifted from the counter die during the hardening process (to be removed after completion of the hardening process).
  4. Apply the separating compound on the entire metal die (a pencil is also supplied).
  5. Dose the powder and hardening liquid using the supplied dosing devise. Mixing ratio  is 2 parts of powder:1 part hardening liquid. Mix both components in the enclosed mixing bowl until the powder is completely dissolved and the mixture is ready for application (approx 3-5 mins, depending on room temperature). A stirring rod is also supplied.
  6. Apply the mixture to the cardboard.
  7. Cover the piece of cardboard with a large piece of wood-free paper (50-80gsm) and fix the unit on the left hand side using adhesive stripes. Operate the machine in slow speed under pressure until the mixture has completely hardened (approx 10 mins). Remove excess material from the edges of the cardboard.

Set printing strength required. The embossing process can now begin.