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Partwell Ltd

Cylinder Jackets - Die Cutting & Litho Impression

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These cylinder jackets are manufactured from high quality raw material, they aim to provide the optimum steel for cutting and the flexibility for a secure and comfortable fir in die cutting and Litho Impression.

Plates and jackets are fitted to press cylinders and beds in die cutting and creasing applications. We have 3 types of hardness available to suit which are 140HV, 220HV & 320HV that will suit Heidelberg “S”, Heidelberg “SB/SBG”, Heidelberg “SBD” as well as others on request. With Litho impression, cylinder jackets are fitted to the cylinder as standard to protect is on many high quality sheet fed offset printing presses. It absorbs minor damage during printing without damaging the cylinder.

Additional Information
 Jacket type Material Hardness Range - Rockwell Vickers Thickness Range
Die Cutting Stainless Steel B90 Standard (140)

0.60mm (0.023")

0.71mm (0.028")

Die Cutting Stainless Steel C45 Hard - (450)

0.81mm (0.032")

1.0mm (0.039")

Litho Impression & Perforating Stainless Steel B90 Standard (140)

0.30mm (0.012")

0.50mm (0.020")

Litho Impression & Perforating Stainless Steel C45 Hard - (450) 0.30mm (0.012")
Litho Impression Only  Nylon Plastic Brass 80 Shore "D" Semi Hard

0.24mm (0.014")

0.50mm (0.020")