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Bohler X-Press

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Representing a milestone in the cutting rule innovation, this patented self-levelling rule has been developed to reduce make ready time in die cutting operations. The biggest innovation is at the back of the cutting rule, containing a unique micro-serrated back design which serves as a pre-programmed compensation zone meaning a quick self-levelling of rules when under pressure. As the rule back deforms, is reduces the wear on the rule tip which helps to maintain the sharp tip for excellent cut quality and durability. 

Thickness Hardness Height  Finishes Bevels  Pack
2pt & 3pt
Body 340HV (35HRC) Edge 640HV (57HRC) 23.80 & 23.60mm Shaved, Polished & Supreme
CF, CFDB Lengths & Coils


  • Patented micro-serrated rule back.
  • Pressure compensation is on the back of the rule, not on the cutting edge.
  • Suitable for both solid board and corrugated board applications.
  • Minimised make ready time of up to 80% and optimized die cutter productivity, meaning more sheets per hour.
  • Excellent cut quality.
  • Extended life span of knives.
  • X-PRESS dies are useable for re-orders without the need for further patching.
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