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Bohler Plast-X

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This is another innovative cutting solution from Bohler, best suited for blister packs, thermoplastic materials such as PET, PE, PP and PVC as well as laminated and coated boards. The cutting edge is extra hard and stable which improves cutting performance and tool life. It provides you with trouble free die cutting of PET and other plastic products due to its wear resistance, cutting edge sharpness and optimal cutting quality. As well as the usual good bendability, low cutting force and long tool life.

Thickness Hardness Height  Finishes Bevels 
1.3pt, 1.5pt & 2pt
Body 340HV (35HRC) Edge 640HV (57HRC) 23.60mm, 23.80mm (others on request) Bright, Ultra-fine, Extremely sharp edge


  • Harder rule body
  • Highest edge hardness
  • Ultra-fine bevel surface finish
  • Extremely sharp cutting edge
  • Increased tool life
  • Great wear resistance
  • Clean cutting forces
  • Improved rule stability
  Bohler Plast - X Specification
   Bohler Matrix