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Bohler Label-X

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Due to the new grinding process used in the manufacturing of Label-X this rule guarantees an extra fine cutting bevel along with an extremely sharp cutting edge. Offering extreme accuracy and edge straightness the Label-X Cutting rule is highly recommended for precision kiss cutting and is therefor the perfect product when it comes to label cutting.

Thickness Hardness Height  Finishes Bevels 
  Body 340HV (35HRC)   Edge 625HV (55 HRC) 8, 9.5 & 12mm Bright, extra fine and very sharp edge CF


  • Harder rule body,
  • High edge hardness,
  • High degree of accuracy,
  • Excellent straight edge's,
  • Very fine edge surface finish,
  • Extra sharp cutting edge.
  • Easy auto-processing,
  • Dimensional accuracy,
  • Excellent bendability,
  • Long tool life. 
   Bohler Label-X Specifications
   Bohler Matrix